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PMIS Project Management
Information System

PROBE Navigator is a Project Management Information System (PMIS) that is built on Atlassian JIRA and Confluence. It is designed for highly collaborative and visually enhanced project and portfolio management.

Best Practice

PROBE Navigator contains pre-configured best-practice project management processes that have been grouped into toolkits.


PROBE Navigator greatly supports self-organising project team members, collaborating in a multi-project, and large (also virtual) project delivery environment.

Project Workplace

PROBE Navigator introduces a Visual Project Workplace functionality which contains special visual enhancements for easier planning, operational management, supervision and automated reporting during projects delivery.


Easy to find and edit documentation during projects is of critical value to team members and project stakeholders. Creating and updating documentation in a collaborative environment is fast with modern, light and browser based editor.


Automation of operational and status reporting drastically reduces the amount of time that would be otherwise wasted on status meetings and manual reporting.

system features

Easy project set-up

PROBE.Studio can be installed in two deployment scenarios: on-premise, if you want to store data with your hosting provider or in the cloud, if you want to take advantage of the flexible licensing scenarios.

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One communication platform

Effective team work requires effective communication. Whether to inform or to delegate, communication is the key to effective project management.

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Visual Project Management

Your personal dashboards, Kanban boards, Scrum boards, Gantt Charts, structured lists and filters give you real-time insights into everything that is being delivered in your projects.

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Project Knowledge Spaces

Creating and updating documentation in a collaborative environment is fast with modern, light and easy-to-learn interface.

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Automated reporting

Managing a portfolio of projects requires the same transparency as on the project level. Executives expect true and accurate status that has less details but more key points.

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Flexible functionality

PROBE.Studio is based on Atlassian JIRA Software and Confluence, you can take advantage of extending the functionality of your system with special add-ons that are available on Atlassian Marketplace

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To help team achive better project results by
organising better project work environment

recent articles

  • Decision Gates

    PROBE Navigator solution in all its variants supports phase-gate process that is very common in managing large projects.  A phase-gate process (also referred to as a stage-gate process) is a project management technique in which a project is divided into distinct stages or phases.

  • Organise Project Scope

    Project Scope is the necessary starting point of project planning. In SAP Activate, which is a model methodology for this series of articles, if the project was initiated properly, it should have already: Project Charter – it guides the project scope management Project requirements – some scope items are directly linked with them Project Scope

  • Project Issues

    Managing issues is one of the fundamental organisational elements of any project. A project issue can be anything with examples ranging from ‘my entry card is about to expire’ to ‘ this module will not go-live as scheduled’. The first thing a Project Manager should do when organising a project governance is to set up

  • Manage Requirements

    Managing business requirements is one of the most important aspects of project delivery. It is where the project starts and the business demand for change is outlined in a specific list of new funtionalities or system changes.

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About us

We are a team of professionals working together to deliver specialist services in the area of project and portfolio management.

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Our project delivery methodology is focused on supplying your team members with all the preparation and knowledge you need to introduce and utilise the PROBE.Studio processes and technology in your organisation.

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Our Approach

Our project approach is based on the assumption that nobody knows upfront what is really needed from the project management solution. We work together to discover it.

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